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The non-profit organization Albanian Initiative for Development (AID), is established through the Establishment Act on 05.11.20018 according to the Civil Code of the Republic of Albania and law no. 8788, dated 07.05.2001, "On Non-Profit Organizations", as well as law no. 8789 dated 07.05.2001 "On the Registration of Non-Profit Organizations".


The organization is composed of a group of young people with initiatives and desire to make changes in Albanian society; promoting and creating a society with endless possibilities.

Our main goals are:

  1. To improve standards and quality development in the social, economic and cultural spectrum.

  2. To promote values, protecting the rights of minorities, increasing the quality of systems in the above areas.

  3. Improving and raising the standards of public services as the basic functions of local government.

  4. Raising awareness and enhancing inclusion of the public in decision-making processes in order to increase transparency and democratic standards of governance. Informing and raising public awareness on the process of European integration and membership in the European Union (EU).

  5. Support development policies for a transparent and efficient public administration to meet the challenges of EU membership.

  6. Increasing the capacity of local units in order to enable active participation during the European integration process.

"We believe in promoting and creating a society with endless possibilities for the development and empowerment of every human category through integration, promotion, protection and support."

Our Mission

We are determined to improve standards and quality of developments in the social, economic and cultural spectrum throughout many local activities.

Visual Project
Our Mission
Engineering Plans

Our Vision

Providing quality research, adequate legal expertise, and assist in initiatives for the development of several fields of public interest while preserving and promoting the Albanian cultural identity through revival of Albanian values and traditions, promotion of gender equality values, strengthening and increasing the welfare of national minorities, increasing the quality of the health system, supporting the private sector in Albania, promoting the local business of agriculture, help with the preservation of environmental biodiversity, enhance the protection of national natural values, promotion and development of domestic tourism, etc.

Tell us how can you make a difference!

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